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Ground Support Systems

Ramp Pumps

Single and Double Piston Pumps

Ramp pumps for purchase and hire

Heavy-duty pneumatic cylinder drive
Automatic lubrication of air cylinders by means of airline drip feed, used in conjunction with an air-line filter which traps moisture and foreign matter within the air supply
Totally enclosed cylinder ends and pistons.

All models supported by a steel frame, forming an extremely rigid box section - the complete unit being mounted on a steel skid chassis.

Inlet diameter 60mm o.d. plain
Outlet and return 1¼in BSP connector for 38mm hose

Reader offers a wide range of high-performance pumps, which provide grout outputs of up to 200 litres (45 gallons) per minute and grout pressures of up to 1500 psi (100 barƹ and will, therefore, meet the most demanding operational requirements across a wide range of applications.

The D2/8, D3/8 and D4/8 models are all double cylinder air-operated piston pumps which are powered by heavy duty double-ended pneumatic cylinders, which, in conjunction with ball-type non-return valves, produce a continuous output of grout.

The S3/8 is a single cylinder air-operated pump, powered by a heavy duty single pneumatic cylinder. Owing to its comparatively small size and compact desgin the S3/8 is ideal for use in areas of confined working space, such as tunnelling and sewer refurbishment.


Model Quote No Dimensions Maximum Output Power Required Weight
D2/8 06-012 1170 x 430 x 875 50 litres (11 galls)/min or 1500psi (100 bar) 188 cfm (89 dm3/s) @ 100 psi (6.9 bar) 200kg (440 lb)
S3/8 06-014 1060 x 385 x 660 55 litres (12.5 galls)/min or 650psi (45 bar) 188 cfm (89 dm3/s) @ 100 psi (6.9 bar) 140kg (308 lb)
D3/8 06-016 1170 x 430 x 875 110 litres (25 galls)/min or 650psi (45 bar) 188 cfm (89 dm3/s) @ 100 psi (6.9 bar) 200kg (440 lb)
D4/8 06-018 1310 x 460 x 875 200 litres (45 galls)/min or 350psi (24 bar) 188 cfm (89 dm3/s) @ 100 psi (6.9 bar) 200kg (440 lb)
Recommended spares kit comprising of valve seats, "O" rings, piston seals, air cylinder seals and pilot valve diaphragm, pressure gauge and gauge diaphragm