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Ground Support Systems

Garford UK & Geotech-X Collaboration

Garford UK are proud to be working in collaboration with Geotech-X Ltd, to provide our customers with a comprehensive service. Our combined experience covers areas such as roof bolting, resin injection, grout injection and voild filling as well as ground assessment, primary support design, remidiation work and ground stabilsation.

About Geotech-X

Geotech-X Ltd has been formed fromthe Geotechnical Management Team from a former mining company which operated the last deep coal mine in Nottinghamshire. The expertise in drilling, rock bolting, resin injection, grout injection and void filling has been gained from over 50 years experience in ground assessment, primary support design, remediation work and ground stabilisation in several hundred kilometres of underground structures.

Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions to any ground reinforcement or monitoring requirements, individually tailored for each client. The ethos behind Geotech-X is on quality and reliability, which is why there is always at least one of our directors on site to supervise operations.

Assessing risks and safely managing the tasks are second nature for a team who have been engaged at the forefront of a high hazard industry. Interaction with the H.S.E over the previous five years has allowed us to demonstrate how our Safety Management System has developed to ensure suitable planning, execution and review procedures have been adopted. Geotech-X is committed to prevent injury and ill health across all of its activities and will strive to extend its accreditation with safety organisations.

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