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Ground Support Systems

Plant Hire

Hire equipment at competitive rates, our efficient plant hire service is backed by over 25 years of experience and knowledge. Please call for pricing and availability.

Other equipment available to hire dependant on length of hire and notice given.

Mixing Tanks 45 and 250 litre capacity

Rotating paddle mixer complete with agitator, 200 and 250 litre.
Dimensions of 250 litre -
Mixer Diameter 763mm
Overall height 1222mm
Overall length 1220mm
Overall width 915mm
Weight 270 kilos

Mixing Tanks to hire 45 and 250 litre capacity

Mixing tank 120 gallon (600 litre) capacity

Rotating paddle mixer tank
Dimensions -
Mixer Diameter 1150mm
Overall height 1222mm
Overall length 1220mm
Overall width 1260mm
Weight 320 kilos

Non standard sizes can be manufactured to order to meet your individual requirements.

Mixing tank 120 gallon (600 litre) capacity to hire

Colloidal Mixing Tanks

Colloidal 250 Litre Mixing Tank Electric or Air Driven

The colloidal grout mixer is a high speed mixing unit providing an efficient and rapid means of producing various types of grout.

Colloidal Mixing Tanks to hire

Double Diaphragm Pumps

A variety of double diaphragm pumps to hire or purchase.

Double Diaphragm Pumps to hire

GB7 Grout Pump

The GB7 grout pump is a high performance and robust pump, specifically designed to meet the rugged and demanding conditions of the mining and construction industries.

Specifications :
The GB7 grout pump is constructed of fire retardant anti-static materials and has been specifically designed for use in hazardous work environments.

Air consumption : water only @ 60psi 51 m3/hr (30cfm)
Pump performance : rate pumping water 53l/m (12gpm), grout 23l/m (5gpm)
Max discharge : max pump pressure 14mpa (2000psi)

GB7 Grout Pump

Hand Held Air Drills

Rambor hand held air drill to hire at competitive rates.

The Rambor rib drill is a tough handheld pneumatic drill for drilling into coal, stone or concrete walls

Optional wet or dry drilling

Variable speed control up to 700 rpm

Low velocity exhaust

Reduced noise emission

Robust handle design

Finger tip air and water control

Stall torque 68 Nm

Max operating pressure 6.9 bar (100 psi)

Rambor Hand Held Air Drill to hire

Hand Held Hydraulic Drills

Victor Hurricane hand held hydralic drill

Drill Specification

Fluid types - mineral oil, 60 / 40 water in oil emulsion, 5 / 95 oil in water emulsion
System filtration - 10-15 um absolute
Flow rate - 36-45 lpm (8-10 igm) 50 lpm max
Pressure - 80-167 bar (1200-2500 psig)
Drill torque - Max torque 68Nm (50ft 1lbs) RPM 600 at 45 lpm (10 igm)

Victor hurricane hand held hydraulic drills

Hand Operated Pump and Tank

Specifications :
Tank Dimensions - 850mm high, 540mm wide, 650mm diameter
Includes 2 outlets
Pump Dimensions - 1270mm long, 440mm wide, 570mm high (1550mm with handle)
Max output : 22 litres (5 gals) min, max pressure 14 bar (200 psi)
Weight : 53kg

Hand Operated Pump and Tank for hire

Master Works Spraying Machine

Master Works M1 (MM) is a resinous, water based material. It is intended for use as a TSL (thin skin liner). It has an exceptional adhesion to most rock substrates and will bring together loose and friable rock and prevent further unravelling.

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Master Works Spraying Machine

Piccola Spraying Machine

Pneumatically transports dry-mix sprayed concrete (also know as shotcrete or gunite) and other dry materials, operates through rotor system. This robust and versatile machine requires little maintenance and is simple to operate. It can be used for all types of dry shotcreting work.

Picola Spraying Machine

Continuous Placing Machine

Our Continuous placing machine, has by virtue of the large amount of units sold proven to be the most effective continuous mixing and placing machine available. With the choice of two constant fixed rates for metering grout against variable water flow, the slurry produced remains constant throughout the pumping operation.

Placing Machine for hire

Ramp Pumps

Single and double piston pumps, featuring heavy duty pneumatic cylinder drive.

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Ramp pumps for hire

Texflex Machine

The Texflex machine has been developed specifically for batch mixing and discharging very viscous materials it is equally useful for small batch mixing of any other cementitious grout in common use. The machine can be used for spraying Tekflex type material, ie pva glue grout plus water mixture. No mesh required leaves tunnels white. The machine comprises of 3 unit pieces, an air driven paddle unit, a mixing vessel and air driven positive displacement pump. These are detachable from each other to enable ease of transport.

Specifications:- Paddle motor & pump motor sealed for life requires no maintenance. Pump(Mono) rated at 12 bar max delivery pressure, output is approx 12litres/minute at 500rpm.

Dimensions assembled :
Length - 1500mm
Width - 620mm
Height - 1150mm

Weight 160kg

Seperated :
Pump Assy 90kgs
Paddle Assy 20kgs
Mixer Tank 50kgs

Tekflex machines for hire