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Master Works M1 Spraying Machine - Mining Membranes and Environmental Seals

Master Works M1 (MM) is a resinous, water based material. It is a two liquid component, acrylic/mineral composition that can be continuously processed by the Master Works Contractor Machine.

M1 (MM) is intended for use as a TSL (thin skin liner). It has an exceptional adhesion to most rock substrates and will bind together loose and friable rock and prevent further unravelling.

The product is non-toxic, non-combustible and when sprayed has no rebound, nor does it create any mist or dust and therefore is environmentally safer to use in confined spaces.

When used as an environmental seal in venitaltion areas it will serve to control the leaching of methane (CH4) hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other gasses.

Beow is M1 (MM) installed in San Juan Colliery, New Mexico. Of note is the natural white colour of Master Works M1 (MM). It has a high reflective index, which improves visibility and therefore contributes to safety.

Technical Information

Density (wet) 1.87 kg/lt
Density (dry) 1.75 kg/lt
Pot life circa 15 minutes
Compressive strength circa 30 MPA
Tensile strength (unreinforced) circa 4 MPA
Ultimate hardness 80+ shore D
Final expansion 0.15%
CT 23x10-6(1°C)
Peak exotherm 40°C
Viscosity - 100,000 CPS Allows 3-4mm build in 1 pass

Note : we can include up to 5% chopped E-glass fibre into the product stream whilst being sprayed. This substantially increases tensile strength where required.

The above graph depicts the stress/strain curves obtained from the ten sandstone samples tested. The blue curves represent the stress/strain curves in the uncoated disks. The red curves represent the coated samples. It is clear that a substantial strength increase is realised by coating the sandstone disks with the Me1 (MM). The strength gain is more apparent in the post failure region.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY : information above is given in good faith as a guide for material use. However it remains at all times the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the material is fit for the particular purpose intended. The Master Works Trade Mark is the property of the Rohm and Haas Corporation.