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Ground Support Systems

Garford Flexi Bolts

Garford Flexi Bolts

Product Description

21.6mm 7 wire spirally indented strand cable bolt. A high strength and high sheer capacity strand bolt. Available as either a fixed anchor or as a tensionable system. Garford flexible cable anchor can be installed full column using conventional resin capsules, alternatively point anchored then post grouted with resin or cementitious grout and post tensioned.

Field of Application

Primarily used for reinforcement in areas o high sheer and axial loading above the height of conventional solid bolts. Widely used as part of a systematic roof bolting pattern design. Also used a supplementary support for additional remedial reinforcement.

Typical length rage 1.5m to 8 meter.

Technical Specifications

Product Properties Typical
21.6mm 7 wire spirally indented strand
Tensile Strength (kn) 500
Bond Strength (kn) 430
Mass Per Metre (kg) 23

Relevant Standards



  • Available in fixed head anchor or post tensionable system
  • Excellent bond characteristics
  • High tensile strength
  • High system stiffness
  • Enhanced resin mixing and distribution