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Garford Dynamic Cable Bolts

Garford Dynamic Cable Bolts

Product Description

15.2mm Compact Strand is used which has a yielding mechanism attached at the one end of the debonded Compact Strand and a Barrel, Plate and Wedge at the end which provides a point loaded yielding anchor.

Field of Application

The Dynamic Cable Bolt can be installed in areas where seismic activity is expected.

Technical Specifications

Product Properties Minimum Typical
15.2mm Seven Wire Compact Strand
Yield Force (kn) 212 285
Tensile Strength (kn) 300 310
Mass Per Metre (kg) 1.176
Yielding Sleeve is Nitrocarburised 1.176

Relevant Standards

Material AS1311-1987


  • Static Yield Force Capacity 150kn (min) to 180kn (max)
  • Dynamic Yield Force Capacity 80kn to 120kn
  • Various yield loads can be achieved by modifying the yielding mechanism
  • Ultimate Displacement Capacity 300mm (standard) - Larger capactiy may be specified
  • Ultimate Force Capacity 250kn (25 tonne) at displacement capacity
  • Energy Absorption Capacity at 300mm displacement 30kj - large capacity may be specified
  • Dome Pate 150 x 150 x 8mm Dome Plate
  • Radius Barrel and 3 part Wedge
  • Standard equipment is used for strand tensioning and barrel and wedge installation
  • Individual lengths up to 5 metres come strapped in bundles of 50
  • Other packing quantities are available on request

Supply & Packaging

  • Supplied in coiled bundles of 50
  • Other packing quantities are available on request