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Ground Support Systems

Garford Cable Bolts

Available in Pre-Cut and Continuous Coils

Garford Cable Bolts made from 15.2mm low relaxation seven wire steel strand

Product Description

15.2mm seven wire steel strand is used, with bulbs being placed at various spacings. The bulbs in the cable allow resins and grouts to penetrate open areas and therefore create radial confinement.

Technical Specifications

Product Properties Minimum Typical
15.2mm Low Relaxation Seven Wire Steel Strand
Yield Force at 0.2% (kn) 212 235
Tensile Strength (kn) 250 270
Mass Per Metre (kg) 1.125

Relevant Standards

Material AS1311-1987


  • Up to 5.7 spacings can be made per metre
  • Can be made in single, twin or triple strand
  • Bulb diameter to suit
  • Complete with swage and fish hook
  • Galvanised
  • Compact

Supply & Packaging

  • Continuous coils are supplied strapped, palletised and shrink wrapped
  • Individual lengths up to 5 metres come strapped in bundles of 50
  • Individual lengths 6 metres and over come coiled in bundles of 25
  • Other packing quantities are avilable on request
  • Cables colour coded for identification
  • Can be debonded on request


Other diameter material can be bulbed on request