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Ground Support Systems

Garford Expansion Shell Cable Bolts

Garford Expansion Shell Cable Bolts

Product Description

The Garford Mechanical Anchor is manufactured from 15.2mm Compact Strand, with a 300 Kn minimum ultimate tensile strength, the specially machined expansion shell will in competent ground, support the ultimate tensile strength of the strand.

Field of Application

The Garford Mechanical Anchor was designed for areas where Roof Support needs to be immediate (normally grouted cable bolts do not reach capacity until the grout has completely cured). The Garford Mechanical Anchor can be tensioned immediately and grouted at a later stage.

Technical Specifications

Product Properties Minimum Typical
15.2mm Seven Wire Compact Strand
Yield Force (kn) 212 285
Tensile Strength (kn) 300 310
Mass Per Metre (kg) 1.176
Expansion Shell is Zinc Passivated to prevent corrosion

Relevant Standards

Material AS1311-1987


  • Two types of Garford Mechanical Anchors have been developed to suit either a 48mm or 64mm hole

    1. 15.2mm Compact Plain Strand Mechanical Anchor
    2. 15.2mm Compact Garford Ball Bearing Mechanical Anchor
  • The bond bewtween plain strand and the grout is not sufficient to transfer the full potential of the bolt, therefore Garford developed the Garford B-B Mechanical Anchor, the B-B Bolt is fully bulbed with Ball-Bearings inserted into the bulbs, thus allowing the bolt to be fully tensioned without the bulbs collapsing.
  • After grouting the bolt becomes a fully bonded Mechanical Cable Bolt with full load transfer capabilities

Supply & Packaging

  • Supplied in any required lengths
  • Supplied coiled in Bundles of 50
  • Other packing requirements are available on request
  • Colour Coded for ease of identification