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Ground Support Systems

About Garford UK

Garford UK Ltd was formed from a partnership of two companies, both of which have expert knowledge of ground support systems, cementitious products such as spraying machines and placing machines used in mining, civil and construction sectors. These two companies are Garford Pty of Australia and Mansfield Mining Ltd based in the UK in Nottinghamshire.

Garford Pty was founded in 1988 by Neville Hendrick, the inventor of the now widely accepted modified geometry cable bolt in various diameters. The company also manufacture the 21.6mm flexi bolt system. Over the past two decades they have become one of Australia's leading suppliers of ground support systems.

With this track record Garford Pty looked for a company in the UK to act as a partner to start production of ground support systems, with a view to opening up new markets in the UK and Europe.

Mansfield Mining Ltd (also founded in 1988) by Melvyn Brown, was chosen as a partner for a number of reasons. Firstly we had already dealt with Garford Pty providing a spraying machine and placing machine manufactured from new, with the provision of back up and spares for both machines. We have also had previous experience in the area of ground support systems as an agent for the Australian company Mega Bolt, which was used successfully by coal mines in the UK over a 10 year period.

With this in mind, Garford UK was formed, centrally located close to the A1 in the East Midlands. Garford UK offers an all round service for ground support systems, grout spraying and pumping, drilling and also pipelines. We manufacture, refurbish and hire equipment and spares. Our dedicated team have in excess of 100 years experience and knowledge between them. Garford Pty products are all certified to the necessary requirements and all procedures, production and management are controlled through ISO 9001: 2008. Garford UK are certified under BS7861-2009 part 2 to supply ground support bolts in the UK. We are here to meet customer’s requirements and provide help and assistance where needed, at a competitive rate.

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